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Technology has trended toward making softer feeling golf balls this year. The idea is to give golfers more feel around the greens with more spin and control. This soft golf ball craze has given us the SoftFast core featured in Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball, a softer, higher spinning cover on the new Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x’s and even a Wilson Staff Duo golf ball with a crazy-low compression rating of 29. Here’s a look at how the major manufacturer’s are making these new soft golf balls.


There’s no better place to start than the #1 golf ball maker in the game. Titleist has introduced the brand new DT TruSoft golf balls. DT TruSoft features the softest compression Titleist has to offer, complete with a new core and cover for the softest feel on every shot on the golf course. The 376 dimples are laid out in a tetrahedral design for consistent flight. That cover reduces spine in the long game for incredible distance with soft feel and remains responsive around the greens for ideal performance. A new TruSoft Core feels soft and maximizes your distance on every shot. The DT TruSoft is available in white or yellow from Golf Country Online.



A look inside the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.

Callaway has taken the soft golf ball concept so serious, they put the word soft right in the name of their latest offerings. First, meet Chrome Soft, the ball that changed the ball. The difference is the revolutionary SoftFast Core. Golfers no long have to choose between distance and feel. Low spin off the driver maximizes ball speed and distance. The lower compression rating means you get more spin on your irons with exceptional performance around the greens. This feel and control is also made possible by the Tour Urethane Cover, built for consistency on every shot. We’ve also seen the release of Callaway’s softest golf ball ever. The Supersoft features just 35 compression points, a full 20 points softer than other Callaway golf balls. This incredibly low compression reduces spin on longer shots so you get more distance and straighter flight. You won’t lose any control though. The soft cover still produces great spin around the greens so you can make it check up with your wedges.


Golf balls don’t get softer than the Wilson Duo. This groundbreaking, 2-piece golf ball is made with the distance player in mind. It measures at a ridiculously low 29 compression. A rubber rich core combine with a soft Ionomer cover combines for distance off the tee and soft feel around the green. If you’re looking for forgiveness with soft feel, give these golf balls a try. The soft compression lowers spin with the driver for a higher launch and exceptional distance. Wilson Duo golf balls offer distance with playability thanks to it’s extremely low compression.

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