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The proper golf grip.

One of the main components of golf that is often overlooked is the proper golf grip. But what exactly is proper?  There are 3 different types of golf grips typically. Strong- where you can see 3 knuckles of the lead hand when you look down and the trail hand is more underneath. Neutral- you can see about two knuckles on the lead hand and neither hand is dominant. Weak- only one knuckle is visible on your  lead hand and the trail hand is positioned on top. There are pros and cons to any of them, and purists will argue that the neutral grip is the only "right" way. But is it? Your grip can be tailored to your style of play or even your physical limitations. Read on to discover what what you wished you knew about the grip.

Holding the golf club correctly will promote stability and mobility in your golf swing. Everyone wants that . . .so lets start with the basics.

1. To begin- place the club in the fingers of your lead hand (right handed golfers, this is your left. left handed golfers, your right). It is important to note that the club needs to sit in the fingers and not in the fleshy heel of your palm. The index finger and the thumb of your lead hand will make the letter "V."

2.  Take your trail hand and cover the lead hands thumb. The thumb should fit perfectly in the groove of the palm of the trail hand. If done right, the club should be held in the fingers of the trail hand, not the palm.

3. Now, you may be wondering what to do with your fingers on the bottom of the club. There are basically three different options and you may need to play around with them to find out what feels best for you.  There is the overlap where the index finger of the lead hand and the pinky of the trail hand ovelap. There is the interlock where the index finger of the lead hand and pinky of the trail hand interlock. Lastly, is the ten finger grip, think baseball bat grip here.

4. The thumb of the trail hand should be slightly left of center of the club.

5. Grip pressure can be a little tricky at first. Many beginner golfers tend to grip the club too tightly. Using less pressure in your grip will help get the club in the right position in your swing.


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