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You've reached a fairly proficient level in your game. You are regularly breaking 90 and every once in a while you get as low as 85 on the scorecard. You have been playing with the same hand-me-down clubs for 5 or 6 years and they regularly get stares from your playing partners and the occasional chuckle. You are on the verge of purchasing new clubs. You are thinking of bypassing the set of Pings you have been looking at in the pro shop and instead are thinking about getting your clubs professionally fitted.

Club Fitting Process

If you are thinking about getting your clubs fitted, realize it will cost more. But once you make the decision to go through the process, you will be getting professionally measured and tailored to your game.

The first thing you do is step into a golf simulator where your swing will be analyzed and videotaped. You will take two swings with wood clubs and two swings with irons.

The fitter will now have the basic information on the details of your game to get started.

Measurements Taken

The fitter will put your size down on paper. Not only will the fitter take down your height and weight, but he or she will take a very important measurement of how far it is from your wrists to the floor when you are holding a club. This is the single-most important measurement when it comes to the length of clubs you will use. It's not how tall or short you are, it's the distance from your wrists to the ground. Other measurables that are important to the fitter include your age, your handicap and your swing speed.

Details About Your Game

After analyzing your swing and taking measurements, it's time for you to tell the fitter about your game. You need to explain your strengths, weaknesses and recent changes in your game. For example: You may get excellent distance off the tee but struggle with your short irons. Your putting has been decent overall but your have had problems in recent weeks.

This is all information that will help the fitter determine the length, type of shaft, type of club face and manufacturer when building your custom-fitted clubs. A player who gets fitted correctly can easily take strokes off his score on a regular basis.

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