Odyssey Toulon Design Atlanta, Right Hand, 34" Shaft, SuperStroke Toulon Design Mid Slim 2.0 Grip

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Already a proven winner on Tour, Atlanta is a mid-sized mallet, fully milled with a multi-material aluminum sole plate. The shaping is beautiful, it’s very forgiving and easy to align, and with both a face balanced and a toe hang option, there’s one to fit your stroke.

Every head is milled from a solid block of soft 303 stainless steel. Every curve, radius and line is painstakingly rendered. The face alone takes 40 minutes to mill.

The “contact patch” at the center of the face incorporates crosshatch grooves that form a pattern on the face that strategically channels vibration to promote a uniquely satisfying sound and feel.

Grip: SuperStroke Toulon Design Mid Slim 2.0

Includes head cover