Epoch 2 Golf Sunglasses Lime and Blue Frame High Clarity Brown Lens

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IMPROVES CLARITY IN LOW LIGHT - Ideal for low to medium light conditions. With minimal color distortion these lenses enhance natural colors and reduce eye fatigue.
SHATTERPROOF FRAMES AND LENSES - Polycarbonate frames and lenses are one of the toughest forms of plastic making it the ideal material for sport and every day wear.
SMALLER FITTING UNISEX FRAME - The frame features inlaid rubber arms and lenses for maximum comfort and universal coverage.
100% UVA & UVB PROTECTION - keeps your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays.
MEETS ANSI Z87.1-2010 STANDARDS for use in Industrial Applications

The Epoch 2 sunglass is a smaller fitting unisex frame. The frame features inlaid rubber arms and lenses that offer universal coverage. They have been designed to deliver superior light protection, improve clarity in low light conditions with minimal color distortion, enhance natural colors, reduce eye fatigue, and improve your overall vision. The high clarity brown lenses are an attractive alternative to traditional amber lenses. While they provide many of the same benefits as the amber lens, they are ideal for low to medium light conditions.