Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

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Develop a sound swing with the Mid-Size Swing Trainer. Designed for men, women, seniors, and teens, this trainer works to develop core fitness, flexibility, and swing plane. The total length of this aid is 43.5” to 47.5", ideal for simulating the iron motion for men or taller women, and the driver motion for women and teens. The Orange Whip® Mid-Size Swing Trainer acts as the perfect swing training aid, or as a pre-round warm up to loosen muscles.


  • Designed for men, women, seniors, and teens
  • Simulates the iron swing motion for men and taller women
  • Simulates the driver swing motion for women and teens
  • Also beneficial for developing core fitness and flexibility for swing speed and path improvement
  • Mid-Size is 44" 
  • Full Size is 47.5"
  • Total weight is approximately 1.7 lbs.
  • Orange Whip
  • Brand: Jimmy Hack Golf